Re: Poor TCP/IP Performance on 95/NT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 13 May 1998 00:08:11 -0700

> Steve Coleman wrote:
> I can't get better than 80Kb/sec on any of our Win95 machines or NT machines,
> using FTP via our T1. Our Linux machine easily gets 130-150Kb/sec. All
> machines are using the same NIC's (905TX) and are connected to the same Hub.
> I have read alot about MTU problems with SLIP and PPP with Win95 but can't
> find any info on improving TCP/IP on Ethernet.

I have gotten 400K plus from Microsoft's FTP site over a DS3. This is
from an Intel 10/100 NIC (in 10mb mode) and a Xircom on my laptop. We've
done plenty of stress tests on NICs using wstcp and although unix usually
beats NT on compatable machines, the hardware has a GREAT deal to do with
the actual speed.

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