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Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 10 May 1998 21:46:54 -0400

We used the Digiboard EPC/X system on a Pentium 150 MHz(80MB Ram, Web Server,
Mail server, RAS Server, News Server, Wow All in one server..) and was
handling 64 ports easily. The EPC system can allow up to 255 ports (It can
handle a bit more but RAS is limited to 255 ports.) Currently we upgraded to
PRI lines so we do not need some modems and concentrator boxes. we have 3
racks of 16 modems each (USR Total Control MP-16s) and 3 EPC Concentrator
boxes up for sale. The wiring is also included. All that would be needed to
purchase is the ISA, EISA, or PCI EPC/X Concentrator card. We are still using
it for ISDN Customers...

If interested in buying the equipment, drop me a line.

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Subject: Multi-link card

>We want to extend our plat-form to allow more user dialin in the same time
>by adding more phone lines.
>And we want to implement a RAS server in NT server to receive dialin demand.
>My question, Wath 's best mark of multi-link card to do this job?
>Any other help will be appreciated
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