USR Total Control

Michael Whisenant ( )
Sun, 10 May 1998 20:30:33 -0500

Questions regarding USR Total Control, HiPer ARCs, and HiPer DSPs; relating
to their interaction with RadiusNT and Emerald. I have just added 2 230
port configuration chassis into my main POP, the additional 460 ports are
nice, yet I am running into a few strange problems.

1. Has anyone gotten a mega chassis (say 10DSPs and 2 HiPerARCs) working
comfortable with RadiusNT and Emerald?

1.1 I have had to increase the lenght of the field for call ports to
extend to 4 digits. The modems in slot 10 will report as 101 to 1024. If
you have 11 DSPs then you would get multiple users logged to the same port,
ie Slot 1 modem 11 is reported as 111 and Slot 11 modem 1 is also reported
as 111. Then what?

1.2 I have stray accounting packets when I telnet into the HiPer Arcs that
are constantly retransmitting. I remember Brian Lube had a solution, but
it now escapes me. This excessive accounting packets should die after the
max transmissions, yet they do not.

Apparently item 1.1 is not accurate. Does anyone know how the ports are
assigned in a chassis such as this. I am seeing tons of unusual ports....
need answers
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