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Sat, 09 May 1998 18:26:57 -0500

>From: "Kevin Ingram" <>
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>Subject: Re: IRC question
>Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 09:39:16 -0500
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>My reply is BASED on informative content, I have worked with age groups from
>preteen to adult who have been exposed to the no-morals anything-goes
>"uncensored" ideals and have seen the resulting suffering and loss.

Your experience is irrelevant to the subject at hand. "uncensored" does
not equal "no-morals". Perhaps some time with a dictionary would do you
some good?

>comment was quite illustrative, too bad you let it skip over you.

I let nothing skip, your one-line "comment" was not illustrative of
anything other than your ignorance and penchant for moronic monosyllabic
replies to social issues. If you would like to send a pornographic
subscription to a child, i'm sure the Federal Bureau of Investigation would
love to hear about it. Again, your intellect wounds me.

>Don't sound so offended by my comments after slinging yours around so freely
>to begin with.

I'm not offended at all. Your kneejerk useless commentary is amusing,
nothing more. You said one ignorant line designed to be uselessly
inflammatory, whereas I provided useful information to the group and the
original poster. Considering the fact that I actually helped the man, I am
well within my right to comment on his practices, especially considering
how repugnant they are.

>Still standing for the truth.
>Kevin Ingram

"truth"? What the heck are you talking about? `Censorship is "good"`?
This is a "truth"? Okay, stand on your "truth". *shrug*

If you wish to continue this line of conversation, feel free to contact me
directly. Then again, you'd better make sure your favorite censor doesn't
mind first; I'm liable to use some "adult" content, like "freedom of
speech" or "the first amendment".

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>From: Gregory W. Bondy <gbondy@MAELSTROM.NET>
>To: <>
>Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 9:10 AM
>Subject: Re: IRC question
>>You wound me with your intellectual prowess there, Kevin.
>>The link I gave was a legitimate one, he will find the tools he needs to
>>further censor the universe from his [adult] subscribers. Your reply seems
>>to needlessly display your ignorance without any informative content.
>>However, if you'd like to pay for a Hustler subscription for my [fictional]
>>5 year old, let me know and i'll get you my snail mail address. ;)
>>At 06:28 AM 5/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>I'll be sure to send your 5 year old a sub to Hustler.
>>>Kevin Ingram
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>>>From: Gregory W. Bondy <gbondy@MAELSTROM.NET>
>>>To: <>
>>>Date: Friday, May 08, 1998 11:35 PM
>>>Subject: Re: IRC question
>>>>Just for the record, I find your whole overriding "clean" censorship
>>>>fundamentally revolting and distasteful.
>>>>However, if you're interested in an ircd-like program with censorship
>>>>ability, check out "Kitten"
>>>>It's what _all_ the good fascist ISP's use.
>>>>At 11:47 AM 5/9/98 +0800, you wrote:
>>>>>We would like to limit the IRC servers and channels that our users could
>>>>>What I plan is to run our own IRC server and have it link to other IRC
>>>>>1. Is it possible to specify which channels on the remote IRC server I
>>>>>like my users to have access to ?
>>>>>2. How ?
>>>>>3. Does ircd, which runs on Unix, have this capability ?
>>>>>4. If yes, what version ?
>>>>>5. If not, what Windows NT IRC server has this capability ?
>>>>>Hope someone could help me.
>>>>>Danny Sinang
>>>>>President - Uplink Technologies, Inc.
>>>>>( Provider of "Clean" Internet Access )
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