Re: Repost: Emerald application errors

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 11:12:30 -0700

Michael Bradley wrote:
> A few of the reports I want to run are causing Emerald to crash. For
> example, when I try to run the usercalls.rpt Dr. Watson reports an
> access violation and the client crashes. A couple of other reports
> cause a crash without activating Dr. Watson.

Most likely there is a problem with the reports themselves. If you have
Crystal Reports you can load them into CR and check them out. I'll try
and take a look at them and see whats wrong with them. Can you give me
a list of the ones that are causing the problems?

> Also, when trying to access the "Billing Groups" tab in Config Database
> in Emerald Administrator I get the error "Runtime error 424: Object
> required." When I click OK, the program crashes.

This is an issue with the Emerald 2.2 admin. You can use the 2.1 admin
for editing billing groups.

> When trying to access the "Billing Cycles" tab, I get the error message
> "SQL Server Error: Invalid object name 'Billing Cycles'. State=1
> Severity=16. Clicking OK does not cause a crash in this case. I get
> the same error if I try to add a Billing Cycle type.

Billing cycles are not support and you can ignore that tab.

> The only other problem I see right now is that the "Operators" tab is
> blank. I can't Add or remove operators. The one that were created with
> 2.1.11 are still active and useable.

Is it blank, or just doesn't contain any data in the list? Try switch
to the Operator Access tab and then back.

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