RE: Repost: Emerald application errors

Michael Bradley ( )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:35:25 -0700

>> A few of the reports I want to run are causing Emerald to crash. For
>> example, when I try to run the usercalls.rpt Dr. Watson reports an
>> access violation and the client crashes. A couple of other reports
>> cause a crash without activating Dr. Watson.

>Most likely there is a problem with the reports themselves. If you
>Crystal Reports you can load them into CR and check them out. I'll try
>and take a look at them and see whats wrong with them. Can you give me

>a list of the ones that are causing the problems?

The defrev.rpt, bigaccts.rpt, and explytd.rpt generate the error mssg
"SQL server error." On clicking "OK" the error mssg dialog box goes
away. No report is generated. Emerald doesn't crash.

ccbad.rpt and inv_cnd.rpt crash Emerald (Emerald shuts down) with no
error message.

The openinc.rpt generates an OBDC error "invalid object name:
'Emerald2.dbo.incidents," then a "SQL server error". Emerald doesn't

As mentioned above, usercalls.rpt is a problem.

>> The only other problem I see right now is that the "Operators" tab is
>> blank. I can't Add or remove operators. The one that were created
>> 2.1.11 are still active and useable.

>Is it blank, or just doesn't contain any data in the list? Try switch
>to the Operator Access tab and then back.

The tab is completely blank. There is no Operator Access tab.

Michael Bradley