Repost: Emerald application errors

Michael Bradley ( )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 09:48:30 -0700

I still need help on this. Any ideas?

A few of the reports I want to run are causing Emerald to crash. For
example, when I try to run the usercalls.rpt Dr. Watson reports an
access violation and the client crashes. A couple of other reports
cause a crash without activating Dr. Watson.

Also, when trying to access the "Billing Groups" tab in Config Database
in Emerald Administrator I get the error "Runtime error 424: Object
required." When I click OK, the program crashes.

When trying to access the "Billing Cycles" tab, I get the error message
"SQL Server Error: Invalid object name 'Billing Cycles'. State=1
Severity=16. Clicking OK does not cause a crash in this case. I get
the same error if I try to add a Billing Cycle type.

The only other problem I see right now is that the "Operators" tab is
blank. I can't Add or remove operators. The one that were created with
2.1.11 are still active and useable.