Re: Emailing of CC bills

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 17:23:01 -0700

Jeff Woods wrote:
> I just lost yet ANOTHER customer, because Emerald doesn't seem to do what
> it says it will do.

I'd probably guess you are assuming it will. Where does it say it will
do that?

> Emerald 2.1.11 (latest available to me for a production environment)
> MBR: under Services, I had in his only service, the boxes "Current" and
> "Send Bill" checked. under Billing, I had the pull-down for Send-Method
> selected to "Electronic Mail".

Emerald does not send email for CCs. It never has. We are working on
feature. :(

> 5) I enter TODAY'S date, so that I am dealing with all invoices created
> today. I click on EMAIL to send an Email copy of all so-configured
> invoices to the users in question. THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS.
> The user who cancelled today claimed never to have received that Email
> copy, and this irked him. I lost the account after only three months.
> Why isn't Emerald doing what I asked -- Emailing the invoice that was
> generated -- when I click on the button that says to Email it? The MBR and
> service appear to be configured correctly. SOME customers get their mail
> copies, but not all of them, and I can find NO difference in setup.

Each invoice has a "sent date". When you print a batch of invoices,
pay an invoice, etc, the sent date is set. Only those invoices with
a sent date not set are emailed.

> 6) I click PRINT, and print that one-page summary of all credit card invoices
> I generated in step 4. I then manually authorize them from that page, and
> mark them paid as I go.
> My customers need those Emailed copies -- how can I GUARANTEE that they
> will be sent to the user?

Email the invoices before printing them. That will ensure that the
ones to be emailed, are infact emailed.

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