Emailing of CC bills

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 17:23:55 -0400

I just lost yet ANOTHER customer, because Emerald doesn't seem to do what
it says it will do.

Emerald 2.1.11 (latest available to me for a production environment)

MBR: under Services, I had in his only service, the boxes "Current" and
"Send Bill" checked. under Billing, I had the pull-down for Send-Method
selected to "Electronic Mail".

We do not use any of the automated batch services. To bill, I simply go
to the BATCH tab, and do this:

1) Type in the LAST date of the current month.
Select "Renewal"
This generates some of the paper invoice billing records and invoices.

2) I repeat step one, with a date 30 days hence (i.e. 9/17/98 today).
This step combined with the above ensures everyone gets billed. It
took forever to get this straight, but now it works.

3) I print each of the above-generated invoices, manually, one at a time,
stuff the envelopes, and mail the bills. Since ALL of these clients are
set up as quarterly billing to avoid the lack of balance forward (not
complaining, just offering details), it works well.

4) Type in the date seven days hence. If that date is NOT in the current
month, I instead use the LAST day of the current month (and do a second
group ala step 3 above).
Select "Credit Card"
This generates all (or some) of the cc billing records and invoices.

5) I enter TODAY'S date, so that I am dealing with all invoices created
today. I click on EMAIL to send an Email copy of all so-configured
invoices to the users in question. THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS.
The user who cancelled today claimed never to have received that Email
copy, and this irked him. I lost the account after only three months.

Why isn't Emerald doing what I asked -- Emailing the invoice that was
generated -- when I click on the button that says to Email it? The MBR and
service appear to be configured correctly. SOME customers get their mail
copies, but not all of them, and I can find NO difference in setup.

6) I click PRINT, and print that one-page summary of all credit card invoices
I generated in step 4. I then manually authorize them from that page, and
mark them paid as I go.

My customers need those Emailed copies -- how can I GUARANTEE that they
will be sent to the user?