Re: Emailing of CC bills

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:24:50 -0400

At 05:23 PM 8/18/98 -0700, you wrote:

>> I just lost yet ANOTHER customer, because Emerald doesn't seem to do what
>> it says it will do.
>I'd probably guess you are assuming it will. Where does it say it will
>do that?

Sorry, I phrased that wrong. I'm quite certain, and was when I wrote the
message, that Emerald was capable of doing this. What I was trying to
state was that Emerald was not doing what it seemed to be supposed to be
doing (gawd, what an awful sentence that is!). Emerald was not behaving
either as I believed it should, or as an intuitive user should expect.
That's not criticism, but a plea for help.

>Emerald does not send email for CCs. It never has. We are working on
>this feature. :(

Doh! That just made me a liar to many, many customers. Oh, well. Is
it in v2.5?

>> 5) I enter TODAY'S date, so that I am dealing with all invoices created
>> today. I click on EMAIL to send an Email copy of all so-configured
>> invoices to the users in question. THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS.
>> The user who cancelled today claimed never to have received that Email
>> copy, and this irked him. I lost the account after only three months.
>> Why isn't Emerald doing what I asked -- Emailing the invoice that was
>> generated -- when I click on the button that says to Email it? The MBR and
>> service appear to be configured correctly. SOME customers get their mail
>> copies, but not all of them, and I can find NO difference in setup.
>Each invoice has a "sent date". When you print a batch of invoices,
>pay an invoice, etc, the sent date is set. Only those invoices with
>a sent date not set are emailed.

However, note the above sequence. I generated the invoices, then clicked
on EMail, BEFORE printing the invoices. Nothing in the sent date should
be set. Besides, this version of Emerald, when I click print, asks
explicitly if I want to "mark these invoices as sent" and I always answer
"no". The problem seems to have been answered above, however, when you
say that Emerald doesn't E-mail credit card invoices, and that you're
working on it. That's good enough for me.

>Email the invoices before printing them. That will ensure that the
>ones to be emailed, are infact emailed.

But, as you mentioned before, this seems to apply only to Renewal or
Invoice customers -- if the billing type is CREDIT CARD, then they will
NEVER receive a copy of it by Email, in this version of Emerald (2.1.11),
correct? I just need to know, so I can tell my customers whay to expect...