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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:04:48 -0700

Nylis G. Renschler II wrote:
> This may sound typical, but I did not change anything that I can think of that would cause this error everywhere.
> I get the dreaded "Error 380: Invalid property value" when I try to add a user, and this happens no matter what login I use. It appeared overnight.
> Dale this goes for any server including my test server for emerald Beta's. I am totally baffled. I have tried to create a brand new emerald DB on the test server and install emerald clean and I still get this error. It even appears on my remote locations where I dial in and use emerald.

Check all of your objects in your database. This error is typically
a result of not having a selection for your default group. Let me
see if I can clarify:

Lets say you have two groups, groupa and groupb. Now lets say you
have three services, all specifically for groupa, and groupb has no
services for it (including no services that are global or none for the
group selection). This scenario will give you the above error. This
isn't just for services, but also for regions, pay methods, pay periods,
discounts, etc. What I would do is go through each tab in the admin
that has a group option for it, and make sure ATLEAST one of the
choices on that tab has the global or none choice for the group. Then
it should allow you to add a group.

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