Error 380! - Re - Re - Post #3

Nylis G. Renschler II ( (no email) )
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:17:45 +0200

This may sound typical, but I did not change anything that I can think =
of that would cause this error everywhere.

I get the dreaded "Error 380: Invalid property value" when I try to add =
a user, and this happens no matter what login I use. It appeared =

Dale this goes for any server including my test server for emerald =
Beta's. I am totally baffled. I have tried to create a brand new emerald =
DB on the test server and install emerald clean and I still get this =
error. It even appears on my remote locations where I dial in and use =

I thought the NT profile for my NT user had something wrong with it so I =
tried other users both priviledged and not all get the 380 error when =
trying to add users.


Any info would be more than appreciated.

Nylis G. Renschler II
Silyn-Tek Communications GmbH