viewing reports

Michael Bradley ( )
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:58:36 -0700

I am having trouble using some features of Emerald. We are using
v.2.1.11 and on one machine I tried to use the client on most things
seem to work ok except the Accounts tab on the main Emerald screen is
blank, I have tried different things with the accounts.rpt file as far
as where it is located in the path, checked various settings in the
Emerald Admin, Config Client area, and extensively searched the the list
archives but have not found a cure or this problem.

On another machine, I seem to have everything working OK, but want to be
able to use the usercalls.rpt file found in the CR50 directory on the
ftp server. When trying to run this report initially I got an "Unable
to load report" error. Tried replacing crpe32.dll and crystl32.ocx (in
the WinNT\system32 dir) with the newer version from the Emerald 2.2
distribution. According to info found in the list archives this fix
should work and other people have had success with it (?) but now
Emerald generates an application error (access violation) whenever I try
to run any reports. Ideas?

Michael Bradley
Computer Information Consultant
WSU Energy Program
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