Re: Problems with Emerald

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:50:16 -0400

> From: Alan D. Criado <>
> Thank you Josh, this is not the first time you've been really helpful and
> really appreciate it.

No problem :)

> There's only one thing left which is very peculiar. Before making the
> changes, the ONLINE section of emerald showed a list of users online for
> over 2,000 minutes when they were not online at all. After making the
> changes most of those disappeared, but not all. There are still five
> showing over 2 days of online connection.
> Do you know why the ONLINE section is still showing these users online,
> even though they are not? In addition, the ghost users are shown as
> been assigned an IP (which is normal), however new users logging on are
> being shown has getting some of the same IPs as the ghost users. The
> ghost accounts which remain in the ONLINE section are also preventing the
> real users of these accounts from logging in since radius says they are
> already online.

When your transaction logs filled up, it filled up the database device and
because at the time, your data and transaction logs were occupying the same
space, that prevented any more data from being entered into your database.
This affected your "online" info because the database had no way of
accepting the STOP records being sent out by your NAS via radius. If there
are only a few people affected by this, you can click on a username in the
"online" area and then click on the Clear button. That'll take care of
them. If there are a lot of these and you don't to deal with it by only
being able to do one at a time, you can also run a script to wipe them out.
Every once in a while, I'll run the following script if I need to reset
our Maxes or something (though normally, I unplug the dial-up T1s so that
the Max sends out Stop records for all sessions and knocks them offline).
The script, nor clicking on Clear, will actually disconnect a user. It
just removes them from the online list and if you're using concurrency
control, will alow that user to login.

If you use this, make sure you change the ServerID to whatever number
matches your NAS (SELECT * from Servers)

/* Clear all Max users from CallsOnline */
UPDATE ServerPorts
SET AcctStatusType=2
WHERE ServerID=3 /* Max1 */
OR ServerID=5 /* Max2 */
OR ServerID=9 /* Max3 */

Josh Hillman