Re: Problems with Emerald

Alan D. Criado ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:21:03 -0400

Thank you Josh, this is not the first time you've been really helpful and I
really appreciate it.

I've done as you suggested below and everything seemed to work ok.

There's only one thing left which is very peculiar. Before making the
changes, the ONLINE section of emerald showed a list of users online for
over 2,000 minutes when they were not online at all. After making the
changes most of those disappeared, but not all. There are still five users
showing over 2 days of online connection.

Do you know why the ONLINE section is still showing these users online,
even though they are not? In addition, the ghost users are shown as having
been assigned an IP (which is normal), however new users logging on are
being shown has getting some of the same IPs as the ghost users. The five
ghost accounts which remain in the ONLINE section are also preventing the
real users of these accounts from logging in since radius says they are
already online.



At 11:53 AM 8/10/98 -0400, Josh Hillman wrote:
>> From: Alan D. Criado <>
>> It appears that my TRANSACTION LOG is full.
>> 1. I see the option of truncating it within SQL Enterprise Manager but I
>> don't know if truncating the log will have an affect on our billing.
>Double-click on Emerald (in the Database tree). Click on the Options tab.
>Make sure "Truncate Log on Checkpoint" is checked. Click back on the
>Database tab, then click on the Truncate button. I seem to remember it
>telling you that it's a good idea to back it up, but I don't remember. I
>haven't had to click on that button in ages (since I checked that option
>that I mentioned).
>This will have no effect on your data, so billing should not be affected.
>> 2. I believe another option is to expand the log size, but I don't know
>> this is done and don't want to make a mistake that can damage the
>Your best bet is to create a new Database Device (call it EmeraldTransLogs
>or something) and allocate something like 25MB (that's what mine is and I
>never have a problem). Then double-click on your Emerald database again
>and choose Expand. Click on the "Log Device" selection menu and choose the
>new device you just created. Next to it, enter in the size you just
>created. Click on Expand Now. Now your Transaction Logs will no longer be
>stored in the same place as your Emerald database data. More importantly,
>if your logs should ever fill up again (possible if you do a lot of big
>data-manipulation stuff at once), it WON'T affect the size of your
>database, so data can still be entered into it. This is what caused your
>problem before becaue data and logs were mixed on the same device.
>Josh Hillman