Re: Problems with Emerald

Alan D. Criado ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 13:00:55 -0400

Josh you're good! It worked.

This SQL stuff is something I need to get a better handle on.

Thank you for your assistance.


At 12:50 PM 8/10/98 -0400, Josh Hillman wrote:
>> From: Alan D. Criado <>
>> Thank you Josh, this is not the first time you've been really helpful and
>> really appreciate it.
>No problem :)
>> There's only one thing left which is very peculiar. Before making the
>> changes, the ONLINE section of emerald showed a list of users online for
>> over 2,000 minutes when they were not online at all. After making the
>> changes most of those disappeared, but not all. There are still five
>> showing over 2 days of online connection.
>> Do you know why the ONLINE section is still showing these users online,
>> even though they are not? In addition, the ghost users are shown as
>> been assigned an IP (which is normal), however new users logging on are
>> being shown has getting some of the same IPs as the ghost users. The
>> ghost accounts which remain in the ONLINE section are also preventing the
>> real users of these accounts from logging in since radius says they are
>> already online.
>When your transaction logs filled up, it filled up the database device and
>because at the time, your data and transaction logs were occupying the same
>space, that prevented any more data from being entered into your database.
>This affected your "online" info because the database had no way of
>accepting the STOP records being sent out by your NAS via radius. If there
>are only a few people affected by this, you can click on a username in the
>"online" area and then click on the Clear button. That'll take care of
>them. If there are a lot of these and you don't to deal with it by only
>being able to do one at a time, you can also run a script to wipe them out.
> Every once in a while, I'll run the following script if I need to reset
>our Maxes or something (though normally, I unplug the dial-up T1s so that
>the Max sends out Stop records for all sessions and knocks them offline).
>The script, nor clicking on Clear, will actually disconnect a user. It
>just removes them from the online list and if you're using concurrency
>control, will alow that user to login.
>If you use this, make sure you change the ServerID to whatever number
>matches your NAS (SELECT * from Servers)
>/* Clear all Max users from CallsOnline */
>UPDATE ServerPorts
>SET AcctStatusType=2
>WHERE ServerID=3 /* Max1 */
>OR ServerID=5 /* Max2 */
>OR ServerID=9 /* Max3 */
>Josh Hillman