Ran out of licenses; need to wipe out old MBRs

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:30:08 -0400

I ran out of licenses yesterday in Emerald and Emerald (2.1.11) locked out
our staff from going into the program. Luckily, I still had it running on
another machine so I could use that to clear out a few MBRs that had
expired back in 96. Unfortunately, that only freed up 10 MBRs, so we're
just about to run out again.
Is there a decent SQL script that'll perform the same function as hitting
DELETE in the MBR search screen in Emerald? I'd rather not sit there
entering in who knows how many old accounts and hitting delete, then
confirming a few times each time. If this deletes only subaccounts and
masteraccounts where MasterAccounts.maExpireDate < 7/1/97 and ma.customerid
= sa.customerid, then I can write the script(s) myself, but I wasn't sure
if the Delete button had any other effects...

When deleting old MBRs, it has no effect on the following tables, right?:

Before wiping out the old accounts, I will print out a listing of all
invoices and payments associated with the old accounts since after wiping
out the MBRs, I'll have no way of associating any of them with anyone's

Josh Hillman