Re: Ran out of licenses -- Part 2

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 15:42:56 -0400

Actually, if possible, is there a way to create a new table in Emerald
called "OldAccounts" (doesn't really matter) and copy all/some of the info
from MasterAccounts to this new table where MasterAccounts.maExpiredate <
'7/1/97'? Obviously I don't need it for billing or authentication
purposes, but I would like to keep at least some of the info around in case
I need to cross reference old invoices/payments with old Names/Companies
(via CustomerID).

Josh Hillman

> From: Josh Hillman <>
> To:
> Subject: Ran out of licenses; need to wipe out old MBRs
> Date: Friday, July 24, 1998 1:30 PM
> I ran out of licenses yesterday in Emerald and Emerald (2.1.11) locked
> our staff from going into the program. Luckily, I still had it running
> another machine so I could use that to clear out a few MBRs that had
> expired back in 96. Unfortunately, that only freed up 10 MBRs, so we're
> just about to run out again.
> Is there a decent SQL script that'll perform the same function as hitting
> DELETE in the MBR search screen in Emerald? I'd rather not sit there
> entering in who knows how many old accounts and hitting delete, then
> confirming a few times each time. If this deletes only subaccounts and
> masteraccounts where MasterAccounts.maExpireDate < 7/1/97 and
> = sa.customerid, then I can write the script(s) myself, but I wasn't sure
> if the Delete button had any other effects...
> When deleting old MBRs, it has no effect on the following tables, right?:
> Payments
> InvoiceItems
> Charges
> Invoices
> Before wiping out the old accounts, I will print out a listing of all
> invoices and payments associated with the old accounts since after wiping
> out the MBRs, I'll have no way of associating any of them with anyone's
> name/company...
> Josh Hillman