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Ed and Kathy Tate ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:19:05 -0700

I am looking for some detail information about using some of the check boxes
that exist within Emerald. I am currently running 2.1.11.

First, the 'active' and 'new' check boxes in the Master screen. Should we
be checking 'new' when we add new customers. What is the purpose or options
that come with this box?

Next, there are three boxes in the services screen. I am looking for
information on how the 'new', 'current' and 'send bill' boxes work.

Last, there is an 'active' box for each service. How does this active box
affect billing and authentication? Does it work in conjunction with the
active box in the master accounts screen? Which box triggers whether or not
a bill is created?

Just trying to sort out our options here and learn how to use the system the
most efficiently. Any help would be appreciated.

Kathy Tate