No CISCO logins are displayed on CallsOn
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 18:49:02 -0400

I have two problems:

Now I have Emerald 2.2 and RadiusNT 2.5 running with five NAS: one Ascend =20=
MAX 4000, one CISCO AS5200 and three CISCO 2509. All of them let users to =20=
login, but only the calls corresponding to the local MAX 4000 are =20
displayed in the ON-LINE folder of Emerald. I have configured the ports =20
in the following way:

CISCO 2509: from 1 to 8
CISCO AS5200: from 1 to 30

Besides I noticed something that doen't match and may be for your help:

a) On one hand I had to configure the NAS's IP addresses of its WAN port =20=
(200.16.188.x). If I configured those corresponding to the LAN port =20
(200.16.186.x) I got, for example, the following error (and no user could =20=

> Fri Jul 17 14:39:48 1998: authenticateAcctReq: from, ID =20
> : Request from Unknown Client
> Fri Jul 17 14:39:49 1998: Calc_digest: from, ID 250 :
> Request from Unknown Client
> Fri Jul 17 14:39:49 1998: Authenticate: from - Security
> Breach: montealegre

b) On the other hand, I noticed that, under the previous configuration, =20
the NASIdentifier column of the Calls table was filled out with the IP =20
addresses of the LAN ports (I mean 200.16.186.x). These don't match with =20
the Server's IP addresses set (200.16.188.x).

Something is going wrong, and I would like to correct it.
I tried to perform a consolidation by pressing the Charges button; but I =20=
noticed that it was disabled. May be that up-to-now I have no expired =20
MBRs yet. When I clicked the Summary button, the application displayed =20
the following message: There is no MBR to invoice, or something like =20
that. Which is the problem? Do you know?

Thank you for the support.

Ing. Sergio Iglesias
System Development Department
Technology Division
NEC Argentina S.A.
Av. San Martin 5020 (1601) Florida Pcia. Bs. As. Argentina
TE +54-1-7306067
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