Re: OPtimize SQL & Emerald

John Lange ( )
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:37:28 -0500


Thanks Dale,

I thought there was a way to do this on the fly with an sql command, but
cannot remember how. Doing it in the config requires a reboot or sql
re-start, and I cannot take it down right now.

I would like to try it on the current server to help me determine how much
ram to put in the new one.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

JOhn :}

>> New System:
>> PII 233 - 128MB - 9GB UW SCSI - 3C905B-TX & 10/100MB Hub, etc.
>> How do I tell SQL to use all the ram in the system - ie: 96 to 128 MB ram?
>You can tell SQL Server the max amount of ram to use in the
>its in 2k block. For Example 40000 would be 80mb.

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