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Tue, 7 Jul 1998 19:43:48 -0400

Hi, I also run an ICVerify credit card processing system. What Emerald puts
in the comment field (in version 2.1.8, anyways) is a TRANSACTION number for
that particular transaction.

To mark the correct invoices paid in version 2.1.8, one goes to the Invoices
tab in Emerald and types in the TRANSACTION number of the transaction in the
"Trans:" space. One then hits the SEARCH button and gets an error saying
"Please fill in at least one search criteria." One then hits the OK button,
and the appropriate invoice is displayed, and one pays it by pressing the
PAY button (one ignores the error message).

That's how my version of Emerald works. I hope that helps.

Adam Greene
Webjogger Internet Services

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From: Alan D. Criado <>
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Date: 07 July 1998 18:31
Subject: CC Batch & Cust. ID

>Hello Dale.
>Thanks to your help we were able to run our first credit card batch.
>I'm using Emerald 2.2.38 and batching out our credit cards in an ICVerify
>Currently Emerald places, what appears to be, the customer's ID in the
>ICVerify COMMENT field.
>We need to apply these payments, however customer searches by ID is not
>possible from within Emerald.
>1. How can we find out which customer belongs to which ID in order to be
>able to apply payment?
>2. Is there a way (and if so, how) to change Emerald's batch output so that
>it places the customer's last name or login name in the COMMENT field
>3. Failing number 2 above, can you incorporate a search by customer ID from
>within Emerald?
>Thank you.