Re: Multiple IP address pools

Dale Reed ( )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:08:34 -0700

> Joe Bissot wrote:
> I am evaluating Emerald for use with my ISP service. We have one
> requirement
> that I can't seem to get straight, maybe you could help me. We have
> some
> businesses that purchase blocks of dial up accounts. All those account
> need
> to be assigned an address from a specific address pool. So group one
> would
> have IP subnet 1 and group 2 would have IP subnet 2 etc... It seems
> that I
> can do this with Emerald but that it only works with certain access
> concentrators.

The issue is that RadiusNT/Emerald does not currently supporting
managing your IP Pools. This is best done the NAS itself for many
technical reasons. Any NAS that supports configuring multiple IP
pools and being able to specify one of the pools (like Ascend, and
possibly USR) will work fine for this.

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