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we are using radius 2.5.105 and there some times where our portmasters allocates the same NAS IP address to the dial-up user .....any ideas about this problem .....

currently the Radius assigns the IP pool, do you think that I should let the NASsau do that instead

At 01:08 AM 06/19/98 -0700, you wrote:

>> Joe Bissot wrote:


>> I am evaluating Emerald for use with my ISP service. We have one

>> requirement

>> that I can't seem to get straight, maybe you could help me. We have

>> some

>> businesses that purchase blocks of dial up accounts. All those account

>> need

>> to be assigned an address from a specific address pool. So group one

>> would

>> have IP subnet 1 and group 2 would have IP subnet 2 etc... It seems

>> that I

>> can do this with Emerald but that it only works with certain access

>> concentrators.


>The issue is that RadiusNT/Emerald does not currently supporting

>managing your IP Pools. This is best done the NAS itself for many

>technical reasons. Any NAS that supports configuring multiple IP

>pools and being able to specify one of the pools (like Ascend, and

>possibly USR) will work fine for this.



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