Re: Database Size.

Dale Reed ( )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:01:14 -0700

> Kelly Wright wrote:
> We have about 350 MBRs and appoaching 200Meg in size. I have run the
> SQL scripts to delete the call records with little effect. I know
> there is something else that needs to be done but don't know. I
> figure the db should be about 60-70 Meg in size.
> Is there any other maintenance that needs to be done. I have
> seperated the logs for the emerald db so I know it is not the logs.

The only table in Emerald that grows that large is your calls
table. In Enterprise Manager, drill down to your calls table,
riight-click and select indexes. It will tell you the size and
number of records. If there is a significant discrepency between
the two, you should run the checkdb.sql script (/emerald/beta)
on your database. By significant, I mean also after taking into
account that your typical database excluding the calls table is
usually not more than about 20mb. Therefore if you DB shows 400mb
used, and your calls table is only hoilding 150mb, then you should
run the checkdb.sql script.

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