Re: NTMail Authentication not working

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 13:56:01 -0700

Thomas Massano wrote:
> Added the ESID registry value of 1 to the radius registry. I do not know if
> this is it for sure, but it was the only external i created, so i guessed
> it must be 1.

Open up isql_w and run this query. You are looking for the
ExternalSystemID field for the NTMail entry:

Select * From ExternalSystems

> Also changed the user name to sa and gave it the appropriate password.
> Created an ODBC System DSN called Radius and pointed it to the SQL server.

Did you configure the ODBCDataSource registry entry to point to that
DSN? Does RadiusNT run against the database correctly?

> I apologize i have no idea how to trace the odbc to see if it is working.
> But i set it up exactly like i did on the serv-u ftp server and that one
> works. The ntmail works if i create a user in ITs user DB. I am using the
> same user id and pass i used to test the ascend and the serv-u.

Define a "logfile" in the registry and the emer_ntm.dll will write
relevant information to that for debugging. That should help a lot.

> I also tried the emerauth.dll. Also dale you mentioned the registry entries
> are different for these, i just compared the two readme's and i dont see
> the difference.

See the emerauth.doc file. It has all the registry information in it.

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