NTMail Authentication not working

Thomas Massano ( ThomasM@InletCorp.com )
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:44:21 -0400

I am having problems authenticating NTMAIL to emerald.
This is a new installation of emerald 2.2.
I have an Ascend box, and servu, authenticating okay to the emerald/sql

In the Emerald DB I have created an external System of NTMail Auth DLL type.
Changed all of the service types to reflect the external system to NTMail

On the NTMAIL server I added the userdlllocation to the registry of ntmail.
Copied the emer_ntm.dll to the NTMAIL directory.
Installed radiusnt 2.5 and configured it for ODBC.
Added the ESID registry value of 1 to the radius registry. I do not know if
this is it for sure, but it was the only external i created, so i guessed
it must be 1.
Also changed the user name to sa and gave it the appropriate password.
Created an ODBC System DSN called Radius and pointed it to the SQL server.

I apologize i have no idea how to trace the odbc to see if it is working.
But i set it up exactly like i did on the serv-u ftp server and that one
works. The ntmail works if i create a user in ITs user DB. I am using the
same user id and pass i used to test the ascend and the serv-u.

How could I test each component to see where the failure is, the radlogin
works from the ntmail machine also.

I also tried the emerauth.dll. Also dale you mentioned the registry entries
are different for these, i just compared the two readme's and i dont see
the difference.




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