Re: Emerald won't run today, Take III

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 09:44:28 -0400

At 02:12 PM 6/4/98 -0700, you wrote:

>> After rebooting, I got "Error loading from file" when trying to load
>> Emerald. I can't get into Emerald at all now. (I also rebooted the SQL
>> server at the same time, just in case).
>The typical cause of this problem is that the SQL Client tools are not

Wasn't it -- remember, I *could* use SQL Enterprise Manager from this
workstation, and could perform queries to the Emerald database just fine --
it was in Emerald, not in SQL tools.

>I would try re-installing both the SQL Client Utilities
>and Emerald. The program you instaled most likely overwrote a file
>needed by the client with an older version.

The first re-install of Emerald (before I wrote the original message) did
not fix it. The SECOND one, strangely, did. Thanks.

>> RadiusNT is still running fine, authenticating and accounting. I can run
>> SQL Enterprise Manager, and view the databases and make queries from this
>> workstation. Emerald is not installed on any other workstations, but I
>> imagine that it WOULD work from there.
>Maybe just re-installing Emerald itself then?

I had thought that, but it didn't work the first time, hence my urgent
messages. Turns out that was the solution, but it took a second re-install
for some reason. Perhaps it couldn't replace a .DLL in use during the
first re-install/reboot.... In any case, it is working now.

>> Dale, can you tell me which library being replaced could cause this error,
>> and where I can find the one YOU require, before Friday morning when I have
>> to finish this billing cycle?

I first manually went through my backup files, looking at date comparisons,
and replacing all the questionable .DLL's with the older copies. That
didn't solve it, either. But the re-install AFTER that DID, so I imagine
it was a COMBINATION of something that Emerald's install would have
replaced, PLUS something I manually found in my three-hour search. <sigh>

>Emerald doesn't use jet or any of the DB support of VB5. So I don't know
>if any of those are the issue. You can look at the Emerlad distribution
>to see if any of these files are in that. You might also take this time
>to install Emerald 2.2, which may work with those program better, since
>it is VB5 based, whereas Emerald 2.1 is VB4 based.

Emerald 2.2 was not available to any but those who specifically needed
something in it -- and I wasn't one of them, so I never have had access to
the Emerald 2.2 distribution files, as far as I know. The last full
version I have is 2.1.11.