Re: Emerald won't run today, Take III

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 14:12:37 -0700

Jeff Woods wrote:
> Didn't see a followup, so perhaps the list bounced me yet again. Last
> attempt at this via this forum.....
> Emerald was open last night, functioning properly.
> I tried to run a batch invoice run this morning. It CREATED the batches
> fine, so it said (and an SQL query shows this to be true). However, when I
> tried to print the batch, I was told that I did not have logon permissions
> to do so! (I was logged on as SA at the time!) "Self," I said to myself,
> "it looks like you need to reboot your workstation.
> After rebooting, I got "Error loading from file" when trying to load
> Emerald. I can't get into Emerald at all now. (I also rebooted the SQL
> server at the same time, just in case).

The typical cause of this problem is that the SQL Client tools are not
installed. I would try re-installing both the SQL Client Utilities
and Emerald. The program you instaled most likely overwrote a file
needed by the client with an older version.

> RadiusNT is still running fine, authenticating and accounting. I can run
> SQL Enterprise Manager, and view the databases and make queries from this
> workstation. Emerald is not installed on any other workstations, but I
> imagine that it WOULD work from there.

Maybe just re-installing Emerald itself then?

> I believe that a program I installed yesterday overwrote a critical library
> needed by Emerald. Which one, I don't know.
> Dale, can you tell me which library being replaced could cause this error,
> and where I can find the one YOU require, before Friday morning when I have
> to finish this billing cycle?

Emerald doesn't use jet or any of the DB support of VB5. So I don't know
if any of those are the issue. You can look at the Emerlad distribution
to see if any of these files are in that. You might also take this time
to install Emerald 2.2, which may work with those program better, since
it is VB5 based, whereas Emerald 2.1 is VB4 based.

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