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David Moore ( (no email) )
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 07:05:28 +1000

James we are using Emerald / Radius on NT we have been using it since
January we can recommend this product to you. As for support this product
would have to have the best email support I have ever seen, Dale who runs
the email support seems never to sleep, as I see support emails answered all
through our day and I have even logged support calls on a Saturday / Sunday
and received replies. The negatives of this product is its billing structure
and I have to say that due to the relaxed way we do our business we can't
use the billing and don't, however if you can stick to the regime laid out
it could work for you. The other problem in emerald 2.2 and prior is US date
format this is fixed in Emerald 2.5 the new beta test product. If you want
further information you can call me on 02 9948 1199.

Regards David Moore

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Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: NAS Cisco , Unix etc..

>What support do you offer for Australin customers.
>Do you have some ISP's here using your product.
>> I'd really need more details of what you are asking here. We offer a
>> consulting service for database conversion and migration. Many customers
>> converting from other ISP billing products request us to convert their
>> database.
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