Re: Run time error '424' - Object Required

Jorge Pocaterra ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 May 1998 17:10:07 -0400

Hi Dale

The only version of emerald Admin in /emerald/beta/emerald22 directory is
emeradmn.exe with size of 101.376 Bytes and it gives me an "unexpected
error" when i run it, is this the one or should i download and
reinstall again.

When will be emerald 2.5 ready ? If i'm buying emerald now, i will like to
have access to the features that are not working in the current version with
out having to pay for an upgrade in a couple months..


Jorge Pocaterra

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From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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Date: Friday, May 29, 1998 2:28 PM.
Subject: Re: Run time error '424' - Object Required

>Jorge Pocaterra wrote:
>> Hi Dale
>> I Installed Emerald a few weeks ago for testing porpouses, cause i intend
>> buy it in the next couple days
>> I think is the best in the market and it will fit our need very well
>> But there are a couple things that are not working well in our
>> (i'm running emerald admin 2.2.19 and emerald 2.2.23)
>> 1.- On the Emerald Administrator
>> 1.a.- when i select the billing grup tab it shows ---- Run time error
>> '424' - Object Required ---- and quits the program.
>> 1.b.- the operators tab shows nothing in it..
>> 1.c.- when i select the billing cycles tab it shows ---- SQL Server error
>> 208 Invalid object name 'billing Cycles' -- state =1,
everity=16 ---------
>> and does not let me add any info giving me the same error
>> 1.d.- Tha Config access option -- dont let me modify operators and the
>> operator access makes no sence showing operators and billing grups and
>> privileges (please explain how this works)
>I just put version 2.2.31 of the Emerald Admin in the
>directory, which will correct the billing groups tab problem. You should
>ignore the biling cycle tab, as it has no use in Emerald 2.2. The Operator
>access is a special remote case, and is not something that normal
>installations will use. The upcoming Emerald 2.5 has full support for
>operator access.
>> 2.- regarding emerald the program works well but we are a little afraid
>> our first billing process, cuase it has a few steps and we don't want to
>> screw up.
>> 2.a.-how does the prorate feature works?
>There is not a prorate feature is Emerlad 2.2. Its strictly an
>anniversary based billing system.
>> 2.b.-do you have any documentation that explains in more datail step by
>> the first and second billing process?
>The steps are rather simple. Everything is done on the batch tab:
>Enter any day in the month you want to bill for. For example, enter
>6/1/98 in the date field for billing for the month of June. Make sure
>type is renewal, and then select create. That will create all the invoices
>for customers that expire in June. Next, change the date to today's date,
>and click print. That will print the invoices you just created.
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