Run time error '424' - Object Required

Jorge Pocaterra ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 May 1998 13:29:24 -0400

Hi Dale

I Installed Emerald a few weeks ago for testing porpouses, cause i intend to
buy it in the next couple days

I think is the best in the market and it will fit our need very well

But there are a couple things that are not working well in our installation
(i'm running emerald admin 2.2.19 and emerald 2.2.23)

1.- On the Emerald Administrator
1.a.- when i select the billing grup tab it shows ---- Run time error
'424' - Object Required ---- and quits the program.
1.b.- the operators tab shows nothing in it..
1.c.- when i select the billing cycles tab it shows ---- SQL Server error
208 Invalid object name 'billing Cycles' -- state =1, severity=16 ---------
and does not let me add any info giving me the same error
1.d.- Tha Config access option -- dont let me modify operators and the
operator access makes no sence showing operators and billing grups and the
privileges (please explain how this works)

2.- regarding emerald the program works well but we are a little afraid of
our first billing process, cuase it has a few steps and we don't want to
screw up.

2.a.-how does the prorate feature works?
2.b.-do you have any documentation that explains in more datail step by step
the first and second billing process?

I still have a few question about some other aspects of emerald. but if you
could please answer this question and solve the problems above, we will feel
more confortable on purchasing emerald.

Thanks in advance

Jorge Pocaterra
Enlared C.A.