Re: Operator access

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 25 May 1998 16:39:15 -0700

Michael A. Davis Jr. wrote:
> I gave this operator "Administrator" access to one billing group only, "No
> Access" to all others, but it still comes up with no access at all. I
> cannot even add new users, I get a warning screen that says "No account
> types accessible for this login".

For the remote function to work, you must go into the Emerald Admin and
assign atleast one account type specifically to the group you want to
be remotely accessed. The global account types are NOT accessable to
someone who is in remote mode. That is what the problem you are running
into it. Emerald 2.2 and lower is most likely not going to produce
the results you want, since it wasn't designed to.

> >This will not be available until Emerald 2.5. The operator access
> >in Emerald 2.2 and lower is called "remote" and is a very restrictive
> >access designed only to allow the operator to manage a single group
> >of MBRs.

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