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Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 May 1998 13:33:46 +0300

I use 2.2.23

is there a newer version and where can I find it

At 02:55 PM 05/13/98 -0700, you wrote:

>Just as a side note. The 2.2 line of Emerald hasn't been

>modified for about 6 months, atleast. The recent 2.2.42 was a

>quick patch for a payments problem that about three customers have

>seen (most will not). I do NOT recommend running 2.2.42 unless

>you have the payments problems. Stick with 2.2.38, since its the

>most stable.


>Will LaSala wrote:


>> I have a question about Direct Debt.

>> I just download 2442 and noticed quite a few new clean ups.

>> I looks good...I like the fact that the main window now disappears when your

>> in an account.

>> I also noticed that you cleaned up the billing looks good


>The additions you are noting are some of the pre 2.5 changes we

>made. We dropped 2.2 for a complete re-work in 2.5. Thats why its

>taken so long.


>> However, I was wondering if you could add a section for Direct Debt Checking

>> Accounts

>> We run them here. They require the Name on the Check and The Name of the

>> Bank

>> The ABA Number (up to 9 numbers at the bottom of the check..the first set of

>> numbers) and

>> The Account Number (up to 13 numbers at the bottom of the check...the second

>> set of numbers...the third set is not needed since it is the check number)

>> I saw a new item called Bank Transfer I'm assuming that this is what it was

>> meant for.


>These will be available in 2.5. We are not updating 2.2 anymore.


>> Next time for some problems I'm having with Emerald Admin.

>> When I am in the config database section I'm getting 2 problems.

>> The first more serious problem is that when I click on the tab Billing

>> Groups,

>> I get an error that says

>> Run-time error '424'

>> Object required

>> Then the program quits out.


>You can use the earlier admin to get around this problem.


>> Second when I click on the tab Billing Cycles

>> I get an error

>> SQL Server Error: 208 Invalid object name 'BillingCycles'.

>> State = 1, Severity = 16

>> But then it lets me work around in the program anyways.


>Just ignore the Billing Cycles tab altogether. It has nothing

>useful on it.



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