Direct Debt and Other Problems

Will LaSala ( )
Wed, 13 May 1998 11:36:09 -0400

Hi Dale,
I have a question about Direct Debt.
I just download 2442 and noticed quite a few new clean ups.
I looks good...I like the fact that the main window now disappears when your
in an account.
I also noticed that you cleaned up the billing looks good
However, I was wondering if you could add a section for Direct Debt Checking
We run them here. They require the Name on the Check and The Name of the
The ABA Number (up to 9 numbers at the bottom of the check..the first set of
numbers) and
The Account Number (up to 13 numbers at the bottom of the check...the second
set of numbers...the third set is not needed since it is the check number)
I saw a new item called Bank Transfer I'm assuming that this is what it was
meant for.
I just need to be able to record the rest of this info when I make the
account up.
Soooo I was wondering first Can you do this? Second would you do this? and
Third how long before I could see something like this...;-)

Next time for some problems I'm having with Emerald Admin.
When I am in the config database section I'm getting 2 problems.
The first more serious problem is that when I click on the tab Billing
I get an error that says
Run-time error '424'
Object required
Then the program quits out.
Second when I click on the tab Billing Cycles
I get an error
SQL Server Error: 208 Invalid object name 'BillingCycles'.
State = 1, Severity = 16
But then it lets me work around in the program anyways.
Can these be fixed and if

Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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