Re: Carry Balances Forward

Jeff Woods ( )
Mon, 04 May 1998 16:36:29 -0400

At 12:56 PM 5/4/98 -0700, you wrote:

>1) Carry Balances Forward. On average, we have approximately two hundred
>people that owe the previous months payment at time of invoicing, about 60
>that owe two months and about 6 that owe three months payment. I have
>figured out that I can change the expiration date based on the paid through
>date to show the customers as "current" in order to print their next
>invoice and then change the dates back. My problem is that the past due
>amounts are not reflected on the current invoice and I fear that people
>will ignore or overlook the fact that they have not yet paid for the
>previous month or months.

Emerald 2.2 does not support balance forward. It cannot be done. In
fact, Emerald 2.2 won't even generate a new invoice for a cusotmer with an
outstanding prior invoice. Partial payments are also not available.

>We would like to drop our existing accounting system and go with Emerald
>but can not do this until we get some of these issues resolved. We were
>hoping that we would be able to have 2.5 up and running in order to avoid
>this issue, but we don't want to run parallel systems much longer as this
>is time consuming and hard to keep track of. Any suggestions that you may
>have would be greatly appreciated.

Wait for 2.5, from what I'm told. That's the only solution, apart from
dumping Emerald entirely, and it has too many other nice features
(SQL/Radius integration) to consider that.