Carry Balances Forward

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Mon, 4 May 1998 12:56:49 -0700

We just purchased Emerald about two months ago and need a little help in
trying to make Emerald conform to the way that we have operated our
previous accounting system. We are currently running Emerald along with our
existing accounting system. We need help with the following issues:

1) Carry Balances Forward. On average, we have approximately two hundred
people that owe the previous months payment at time of invoicing, about 60
that owe two months and about 6 that owe three months payment. I have
figured out that I can change the expiration date based on the paid through
date to show the customers as "current" in order to print their next
invoice and then change the dates back. My problem is that the past due
amounts are not reflected on the current invoice and I fear that people
will ignore or overlook the fact that they have not yet paid for the
previous month or months.

2) Aging Report. Other issues that this presents is the need for an
accurate aging report showing all past due balances.

3) Time Tracking. I have also noticed that the "Time On" dates are past
dates for those who are behind in payment and wonder if Emerald will
properly track the time online each month. (I have not yet gotten the
Consolidation process to work in order to see what Emerald will do.)

4) Partial Payments. Is the only way to handle this issue to void the
original invoice and create two new invoices and then manually advance the
paid through and expire dates? Seems like a lot of things to do.

5) Overpayments. I have figured out a couple ways to handle this issue, but
am not sure which way would work the best and be easiest to understand in
retrospect. I think that the best was is to pay the renewal then create two
invoices for the overpayment - one that is a credit to reflect the
overpayment as a credit on the customer's account, the other as a debit to
apply the overpayment to. This was the only way that made sense, but I
think that it is sloppy accounting and may even be inaccurate accounting
practices. I need to know how others handle this.

We would like to drop our existing accounting system and go with Emerald
but can not do this until we get some of these issues resolved. We were
hoping that we would be able to have 2.5 up and running in order to avoid
this issue, but we don't want to run parallel systems much longer as this
is time consuming and hard to keep track of. Any suggestions that you may
have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for using Rosenet!
Michelle Prather
Rosenet Accounting