Re: Yesterday's Bank Deposit

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Fri, 1 May 1998 16:29:31 -0400


I would be very interested in both scripts. If you could bear to share
them with us.

>> From: John Lange <>
>> Does anyone have a payments, receipt, deposit report that will print out
>> for the current day?
>I have a SQL script (not a CR report) that does this and breaks down
>information based on billing groups and has some totals at the end (also
>split into various billing groups) if you're interested. It doesn't
>contain any information regarding check numbers though. That should be a
>piece of cake to add to the output if you're tracking it somehow. We're
>using Emerald 2.1.11 (SQL 6.5), so we have no easy way of dealing with
>check numbers.
>I have another script that's nearly identical to the above-mentioned one
>that displays all payment info for a given month.
>The daily-payment list takes only a second or two to run, but the monthly
>one beats the daylights out of the server for a couple minutes.
>When I upgrade my CR to 5.0 (or 6.0?) I guess I'll be able to create a
>report that queries the user to enter in dates, etc...
>Let me know if you want me to send you the script.
>Josh Hillman
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