Re: Need Info

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:05:54 -0700

Jeffrey Betts wrote:
> Been off the list for a few months another ISP
> is hiring me so I need some info about emerald.
> 1. What is the most recent version ?

Emerald 2.1 is the current release. Emerald 2.2 is available for those
who need features from it, and 2.5 is going into its second reound of
closed beta testing.

> 2. What is the current pricing structure ?

See the pricing on the website at

> 3. Can you still use Radiusnt for free if you purchase Emerald.

RadiusNT is a core component of Emerald. The Emerald license
covers the usage of it when you buy Emerald. RadiusNT is NOT
a seperate product from Emerald, when you buy Emerald. We just
make it avaialable w.out emerald as well.

> 4. This ISP is authenticating from a SQL database. They used
> to use Emerald but it was one of the first releases so the
> previous webmaster wrote his own interface to enter users.
> I was wondering if when I install Emerald if it can go out
> and link to the current database and pick up the users.Putting
> them in by hand would be difficult as thew have over 5000 users.

I couldn't possibly answer that question. If they haven't
modified the database, then maybe. Chances are you might have
to do some database upkeep to get it to work, but it should
be feasible.

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