Re: USR Netserver chassis reports inproper AcctSessionTime

Michael Whisenant ( )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 17:16:38 -0600

I have not had that problem with the account termination for reset. If you
can not isolate the problem, consider setting a maximum sessions time.
Also what rev of netserver code are you running? As I recall in a very
early rev, when you reset the port and did an immediate show session it
would show the port with no user, but still show the time online.

At 12:15 PM 3/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I was wondering if any of you have heard of this situation. We had a user
>logged into a port of our USR X2 Netserver chassis for 22 hours... way too
>long for a modem dialup account. We manually issued a "reset" on his port
>to log him off the system. The same user did this about three more times.
>Upon running reports today however, the history for the user shows only 32
>hours total in our SQL database! I ran a query to take a closer
>investigation.. this is what I found..
>On instances where we issued a reset command to "bump-off" the user...
>there will be a proper start record for the user, the stop record will show
>the proper date and time for the when they were bumped, but the
>AcctSessionTime was 0. It appears that if we have to reset a user from the
>box.. they get away with murder (or at least as far as our accounting
>records are concerned)! My guess is that when issuing a reset with the
>chassis, it sends a stop record without an AccountSessionTime, or it just
>sends "0". Anyone ever have this problem, and is there a fix for it (we
>bill for X2 usage over a certain monthly time limit)?
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