Re: User Migration and Calls Online

Neil Willis ( (no email) )
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 17:48:28 -0600

no, I guess I would have to do some sort of importation from the passwd file
to the db. But, it sounds like that method would only add the account to the
subaccounts table. Is that the way it is normally done or is it done
manually? Thanks!

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Date: Thursday, March 26, 1998 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: User Migration and Calls Online

>Neil Willis wrote:
>> I apologize in advance if this problem has been mentioned before but,
bare with. I have been using a Linux server to run Ascend's radius. I am now
in the process of migrating over to Radius NT using the ODBC mode. I have
the program set for both and have copied the appropriate files to the NT
system for authentication. User are authenticated both from the DB and the
text files as desired but and cannot get the program to import my text users
to the DB after they authenticate with the passwd file. I have set password
replace and added the 128 to the reigistry parameter for options.
>Maybe there is a mis-understanding here. RadiusNT will NOT create the
>user account in the database. It will ONLY change the password on
>existing records in the database, which have a password of "UNIX" or
>"WINNT" or "ANY".
>Do the accounts exists already in the database?
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