Re: RadAttributes...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 23:30:22 -0800

Tim Ballingall wrote:
> I have just changed Radius NT from text to ODBC mode.. Whilst running in
> text mode I had set one of my own attributes & then set this for each
> user ..(ie I set Primary-DNS server in the dictionary file ) That worked
> fine..
> With apologies for the stupid question, how do acomplish this whilst
> running in ODBC How do I set custom attributes for each
> user..? I can enter the Rad Attribute into the RadAttributes table, but
> how do I set the value for all users...?

You would enter it in RadATConfigs for the Account Type default, and
RadConfigs for the specific user. See the database section in the
RadiusNT manual, as it details the exact steps for authentication,
including where it pulls attributes from.

> Also, when I run in debug mode ( -x15 -w ), in text mode, I get the
> message Maximum 100 users loaded without licence... I have pruchased &
> installed the license...
> ( Using Access database... )

The license has to be put into the Liscenses table in the database.

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