RadiusNT & Access Database

Erik Nieuwenhuis ( (no email) )
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 14:41:39 +0100


I'm evaluating Radius at this moment. I think the product can deliver the
things we need. I'm using an Ascend MAX2000. When I use the Text file,
everything works fine. I've got some problems with the MS Access example
database however.

When I start RadiusNT in a "Command Prompt box" in debug mode everything
works fine. However when I start RadiusNT as a service (from the Control
Panel) it doesn't work. When I monitor the MAX2000 I see that de RadiusNT
Server doesn't respond to the authentication Request the MAX sent out.

The second problem is that I don't quite understand how the Access database
works. I know how the text file works and I'm trying to "translate" this
into how the database might work. The most important thing is that I can't
find how I can enable Caller-Id checking. Can anyone tell me how I can
translate this user definition from the text file to the MS Access

# Userlist for RadiusNT
isdn Password="monkey", Caller-Id="201234567"

Many thanks!

Erik Nieuwenhuis // canova@wxs.nl // Amsterdam - the Netherlands