Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 16:58:02 -0500

> From: Kurt Schafer <>
> OK, so that I can rule OUT the Radius profile as a potential cause of our
> disconnect problems, could somebody suggest what a robust profile would
> like for a PPP dial-up user with dynamic IP assignment? (Using
> in the IEA Radius dictionary)
> We have a mixture of Ascend MAX4000's, 1 Livingston PM3, 3 Livingston
> and 3 USR Netserver 16's.

We have the following NASes and are using them all with RadiusNT via ODBC
to the Emerald (SQL) database and have no problems:
Max 4004 5.0Ap42 56k
Max 4048 5.0Ap42 56k
Max 4002 5.0Ai28 V.34
PortMaster 2e (not sure what OS version)
This is only used for 4 dedicated dial-up users...

Our default radius profile for standard PPP accounts (people who dial-up
through the Maxes) is:
User-Service: Framed-User
Framed-Protocol: PPP
Ascend-Maximum-Time: 43200 (seconds)
Ascend-Idle-Limit: 1200 (seconds)

"Idle-Limit" represents the same thing as "Ascend-Idle-Limit" and would be
used for the PortMasters. You can have both Idle-Limits in the same
profile if necessary.

> On a side note, are there any other ISP's running predominantly MAX
> for dialup who are experiencing disconnection problems ?

What OS versions are you using in your Maxes? We found 5.0Ai28 (on 56k
systems) to be HIGHLY problematic. Right now, we're using 5.0Ap42 on our
56k systems which is almost as reliable (in modem connections) as 5.0Ap38
(maybe it was 36--I can't remember what we had in there before). We've
noticed that with p42, a small handful of customers have had slightly lower
initial connection speeds than they did with p36 or p38 (again, I forgot
what we had). For the most part though, there was virtually no difference.
With my Hayes Accura 56k internal modem (1.120), I get knocked off
frequently in the mornings, but I pick up a radio station on my phonelines
at home--for some reason, it's more noticeable in the mornings so that's
why I get knocked off...

Now that 6.0 is out, we'll be upgrading to that pretty soon.

Josh Hillman