Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:13:25 -0500

OK, so that I can rule OUT the Radius profile as a potential cause of our
disconnect problems, could somebody suggest what a robust profile would look
like for a PPP dial-up user with dynamic IP assignment? (Using attributes
in the IEA Radius dictionary)

We have a mixture of Ascend MAX4000's, 1 Livingston PM3, 3 Livingston PM2's,
and 3 USR Netserver 16's.

On a side note, are there any other ISP's running predominantly MAX 4000's
for dialup who are experiencing disconnection problems ?

- Kurt

>I don't see any reason for it. RadiusNT supports and works with them
>all just fine. If you are having disconnect problems, then look at
>the Acct-Terminate-Cause or Ascend-Disconnect-Cause (you can rename this
>to Acct-Terminate-Cause so that it gets saves in the calls table) and
>find out why the users are being dropped.
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