Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:17:30 -0500

Good lord, 6.0 ?? Is that an upgrade to the new v.90 protocol ?

Looks like another all nighter... *sigh*

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From: Josh Hillman <>
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Date: Friday, February 27, 1998 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

>> From: Kurt Schafer <>
>> OK, so that I can rule OUT the Radius profile as a potential cause of our
>> disconnect problems, could somebody suggest what a robust profile would
>> like for a PPP dial-up user with dynamic IP assignment? (Using
>> in the IEA Radius dictionary)
>> We have a mixture of Ascend MAX4000's, 1 Livingston PM3, 3 Livingston
>> and 3 USR Netserver 16's.
>We have the following NASes and are using them all with RadiusNT via ODBC
>to the Emerald (SQL) database and have no problems:
> Max 4004 5.0Ap42 56k
> Max 4048 5.0Ap42 56k
> Max 4002 5.0Ai28 V.34
> PortMaster 2e (not sure what OS version)
> This is only used for 4 dedicated dial-up users...
>Our default radius profile for standard PPP accounts (people who dial-up
>through the Maxes) is:
> User-Service: Framed-User
> Framed-Protocol: PPP
> Ascend-Maximum-Time: 43200 (seconds)
> Ascend-Idle-Limit: 1200 (seconds)
>"Idle-Limit" represents the same thing as "Ascend-Idle-Limit" and would be
>used for the PortMasters. You can have both Idle-Limits in the same
>profile if necessary.
>> On a side note, are there any other ISP's running predominantly MAX
>> for dialup who are experiencing disconnection problems ?
>What OS versions are you using in your Maxes? We found 5.0Ai28 (on 56k
>systems) to be HIGHLY problematic. Right now, we're using 5.0Ap42 on our
>56k systems which is almost as reliable (in modem connections) as 5.0Ap38
>(maybe it was 36--I can't remember what we had in there before). We've
>noticed that with p42, a small handful of customers have had slightly lower
>initial connection speeds than they did with p36 or p38 (again, I forgot
>what we had). For the most part though, there was virtually no difference.
> With my Hayes Accura 56k internal modem (1.120), I get knocked off
>frequently in the mornings, but I pick up a radio station on my phonelines
>at home--for some reason, it's more noticeable in the mornings so that's
>why I get knocked off...
>Now that 6.0 is out, we'll be upgrading to that pretty soon.
>Josh Hillman
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