Re: Ascend and Livingston, one RADIUS

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 10:04:28 -0800

Kurt Schafer wrote:
> Yes, I realize that. But if the two dictionaries don't conform to some kind
> of spec with respect to what numbers are assigned to different attributes,
> then there is nothing ensuring inter-operability between different terminal
> servers off the same radius daemon ? We are trying to track down why our
> users are getting random disconnections from our terminal servers. Could it
> be due to compatibility problems in the actual RADIUS profiles ?

The RFC clearly states each attribute number and its use. Whether its
called User-Service or User-Service-Type in a dictionary doesn't matter.
The RFC also states what to do when you receive attributes you don't
know about (like say a Livingston receiving one of the non-RFC Ascend
additional attributes.

> Should I be looking to run Ascend's radius daemon on a different port for my
> Max4000's and Livingston's for my PM2's, PM3's and USR Netservers ?

I don't see any reason for it. RadiusNT supports and works with them
all just fine. If you are having disconnect problems, then look at
the Acct-Terminate-Cause or Ascend-Disconnect-Cause (you can rename this
to Acct-Terminate-Cause so that it gets saves in the calls table) and
find out why the users are being dropped.

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