Re: Radius & Portmaster

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 12:20:50 -0800

Steve Spesard wrote:
> Has anybody out there ran into a problem with a Livingston PM2e-20 +
> 5bri suddenly stop sending accounting packets?? We are running
> concurrency control that works great. If fact too good when the
> portmaster stops updating radius. This happens only on one of our
> portmasters (ComOS 3.7.2). It is also the only portmaster that is doing
> both dedicated ISDN and Dial-up. We replaced the portmaster and the
> problem continued. The portmaster still functions correctly with radius
> when this condition happens. In other words it will still authenticate
> users, but if a user has logged on when the portmaster burped the user
> cannot logon again because of concurrency.
> Rebooting the portmaster solves the problem for awhile usually 3-4 days.
> Radius is running as a service in ODBC SQL mode with concurrency and
> time banking.

Are you seeing any errors or messages in your logfile or -x15 debug

Also, if its just an occasional burp of the accounting (and not just
a complete stop of all accounting), you might want to update your
trigger (the one I keep posting to the list). It resolves an issue
with PMs where they send accounting in REVERSE chronological order,
and RadiusNT thinks the oldest user (not the newest) is still on-line.
The next trigger only updates the calls-online if the record is
infact newer than the one its about to replace.

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