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Steve Spesard ( )
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 08:01:30 -0700


It appears as a total stop of accounting. When a new user logs on the
accounting is not updating Radius. I can log on then telnet to the
portmaster and the portmaster shows that I am on, but radius still shows
the old user. I have not seen the trigger update you talked about. It
is worth a try. Could you point me in the right direction to get it.


Steve Spesard

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Steve Spesard wrote:
> >
> > Has anybody out there ran into a problem with a Livingston PM2e-20 +
> > 5bri suddenly stop sending accounting packets?? We are running
> > concurrency control that works great. If fact too good when the
> > portmaster stops updating radius. This happens only on one of our
> > portmasters (ComOS 3.7.2). It is also the only portmaster that is
> doing
> > both dedicated ISDN and Dial-up. We replaced the portmaster and the
> > problem continued. The portmaster still functions correctly with
> radius
> > when this condition happens. In other words it will still
> authenticate
> > users, but if a user has logged on when the portmaster burped the
> user
> > cannot logon again because of concurrency.
> > Rebooting the portmaster solves the problem for awhile usually 3-4
> days.
> >
> > Radius is running as a service in ODBC SQL mode with concurrency and
> > time banking.
> Are you seeing any errors or messages in your logfile or -x15 debug
> mode?
> Also, if its just an occasional burp of the accounting (and not just
> a complete stop of all accounting), you might want to update your
> trigger (the one I keep posting to the list). It resolves an issue
> with PMs where they send accounting in REVERSE chronological order,
> and RadiusNT thinks the oldest user (not the newest) is still on-line.
> The next trigger only updates the calls-online if the record is
> infact newer than the one its about to replace.
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