Re: RadiusNt with Oracle

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:19:14 -0800

Flemming Eriksen wrote:
> Options Registry ?
> Oracle is running on a Unix Server, RadiusNT access Oracle thrue
> Oracle Customer Support telling me that "GetDate()" is not Standard SQL
> (ISO??)
> Is it possible to change RadiusNT's "GetDate()" to "GetDate" ?

> >You can add 16 to the Options Registry entry to have it act
> >like MS Access. I've been playing around with Oracle here and
> >trying to get RadiusNT to work with in (albeit 2.5). If people
> >think MS SQL Server is difficult to understand, they should
> >run from Oracle. Now I know what Oracle Admins get big bucks! :)

Look in the docs on the registry information. You need to edit the
Options Registry entry and add 16 to it (mostly likely setting it to
16). This will force MS Access mode, which uses "NOW" as the
date function, which conforms to what you are asking.

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